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Welcome to Art Appreciation Tours which provides informal, enjoyable Art Courses, Talks and Tours both in the U.K. and abroad on many Art History subjects, from Gothic Art and Architecture to 20th Century art, artists, movements and styles. 


Art Appreciation Tours is run by Jennie Spiers MA, an experienced Art Historian, tutor and lecturer. Jennie organizes and leads courses, study days and residential tours in Britain and Europe; lecturing for major art galleries, local authorities and adult education on a wide variety of art history topics.


For details of courses, study days and tours that Jennie is currently running please feel free to contact her by email on the following:


Email:  jennie@artappreciationtours.co.uk or call on 01258 818249

The Barn, Fifehead St Quintin, Dorset DT10 2AP




Laura Knight's work is the subject of one of Jennie's lectures on 'British Realist Artists of the 1920s and 1930s'